A Non- Profit Bike School for Anchorage!

Susitna Bicycle Institute is the only non-profit bike school in Anchorage, Alaska. We offer classes, workshops, and certifications for aspiring mechanics. Learn everything from basic maintenance, flat repairs, derailleur adjustments, suspension tuning, hydraulics and everything that has to do with your bike.


Susitna Bicycle Institute was born from the idea that education and bicycling are a perfect combination for a healthier community.

We are a non profit education center offering a range of classes from fixing a flat to classes for advanced mechanics looking to gain extra knowledge of complex repairs. Our faculty have been in the industry a combined 30 years and offer sliding scale pricing for people that want the education and cant quite make the ends meet. We are committed to giving to our community and serving the underserved.

As part of the Anchorage community we will also be working with social workers to create a safe space for at risk, native, transgender and queer youth to learn a valuable trade. We look to spread our love of biking through education and community events. We want all people to have access to the mental and physical benefits of cycling.

Our Bike School is Ready for you!
Founder: Scott Menzies 
Contact @ (907)310-2986
6520 kincaid rd. Anchorage, Alaska 99502