Repair and specialtyServices

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Susitna Bicycle Institute offers specialized services as well for those looking to make modifications or improvements on their bike without having to do it themselves. While we are happy to teach you how to do it all, we understand sometimes its just easier to let the professionals take care of it. 

We offer custom wheel builds, bike mounted racks fit to your specific needs, nose to tail tune ups, and much more. Let us know what kind of help you need. We can make it happen. Below are just some of the many services and pricing we offer.

Tune ups: $75 this includes adjusting all parts on the bike including wheel truing. All consumable parts are additional charge IE. Chains, cassettes, cables, housing and anything that may need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear.

Deep overhaul: $150 This is a complete breakdown and rebuild with fresh new grease and fresh cables and housings. This is a great deal for getting your bike back in brand new shape. 

Suspension Work: $75 to $100 We can do all suspension work and overhauls depending on replacement parts available. Get that suspension working just as intended and we can help you dial it in to your preferences. 

                Specialty services

Steel frame repair: $1 per minute is our going rate. We can repair most steel frames as we TIG weld, brass braze and silver braze for bike specific jobs. Feel free to email us for further consult.

Custom racks: $150 to $200. We can make a custom rack to fit your bike packing rig, touring bike or any bike that you would like to accessorize with panniers or otherwise. Got an idea? We can make it reality and make something you have been dreaming of.