Introduction to Suspension

 Our introduction to suspension course is a primer for all things that go bouncy on your bike. This is a course designed to help you better understand how and why suspension makes you a faster rider. Covered are the methods of damping, as well as how to control the way your fork or shock responds to the terrain you ride daily. Attendees are encouraged to bring in their bikes to help them better understand which of those methods are employed in their particular applications, as well as how to use their equipment to its full potential.



Introduction to Suspension -  3-4 hour class 

Requested Fee $75.00

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Spring types and advantages/disadvantages to each
  • Chassis types and Construction
  • Rebound damping
  • Compression damping
  • Setup guidelines for various terrain/courses
  • Seal and dust wiper change
  • New fluids